Laura Hillier, RIP



“On January 20, 2016, 18-year old Laura Hillier slipped away surrounded by her family while waiting for a stem cell transplant to treat her acute myeloid leukemia.  But Laura did not die because of a lack of bone marrow donors since multiple matching donors had been identified six months earlier.  Rather Laura was on the waiting list for a hospital bed–and enduring debilitating chemotherapy treatments in the meantime.  You see, Laura had the misfortune of living in Canada where the government-run system of “free” medical care has produced an acute shortage of hospital beds for transplant patients.”

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Tax Cuts Without Spending Cuts Are Pointless

By Ryan McMaken


Regardless of which party is in office, both spending and taxes  increase along with the welfare and warfare state.  Where is the logic and is this sustainable?  Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institutes investigates here

A Weed Grows in Tucson

By Jack Perry


“Once in a while, you see a small thing that perfectly illustrates the bigger problems as a whole. When my wife and I first moved here to Tucson (Yeah, I know, my bio isn’t updated, I’m working on it), we started getting people coming to the door offering landscaping services. I’m somewhat puzzled because I’m thinking, we’re in a desert here. What’re they going to do, move rocks around in the sand we call a front yard?”

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